York Fitness Elliptical Trainers

York Fitness is one of the world’s leading fitness equipment manufacturers and has been a big name in the industry for over 75 years. It was in the 1930’s that the company was established starting out initially as two different companies.

York Fitness Cross Trainers

Founded in 1932

The first company set up in 1932 and was called York USA; they concentrated mainly in Olympic weightlifting and in 1936 York Canada established itself in the development of weights and benches for home use.

York Canada went on to expand in other areas of fitness products and by 2004 was globally recognized in over 50 countries. York USA continued to stay in the field of Olympic weight training and widened their product range to include equipment for commercial use.

The founder of York USA was Bob Hoffmann who was the coach to the USA’s Olympic weight training team from 1948-1964. His expertise and knowledge in this area was renowned and respected; he even provided advice to the Presidents Eisenhower, Nixon and Kennedy on youth fitness.

York Fitness Exercise Equipment

It made sense when in 2004 these two highly regarded companies combined to form York Fitness. It now meant that the company was truly a global brand introducing fitness products for both commercial and home use.

By combining the strengths of these companies they were able to bring together their expertise and introduce a host of fitness equipment including dumbbells, barbells, weight benches and multigyms to treadmills, cycles and of course the popular York cross trainers.

The impressive commercial fitness equipment also offered by York Fitness is today used by high profile teams in the USA and the UK.

York Diamond X302 Rated the BEST by Which Magazine

Their wealth of experience and commitment in developing quality exercise equipment and seen their products awarded best buys from magazines like Which. The York Diamond X302 Cross trainer was recently rated the BEST by Which Magazine. The X302 is part of York’s Diamond range and came tops on quality, workmanship and value for money.

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