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Life Fitness Cross Trainers with Advanced Console

Life Fitness makes an extensive range of premium quality cross-trainers that are used in the home and in health clubs. The Life Fitness E1 and E3 Elliptical Crosstrainers combine first-class technology and comfortable, natural movements for an effective total body workout. Features include the Go Elliptical Crosstrainer Console which is extremely easy to use plus essential programming you’ll need to begin and maintain an effective fitness regime. The range also includes smart treadmills, multi-gyms, upright and recumbent exercise bikes.

Life Fitness Elliptical Cross Trainers Treadmills AND Multi Gym Equipment

Life Fitness IC6 Group Exercise Bike
Life Fitness IC6 Group Exercise Bike
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Elliptical crosstrainers with Adjustable Stride Length

For an elliptical crosstrainer with adjustable stride length look to the E5 model. The Life Fitness E5 stride length and resistance can be altered by the controls integrated in the multi-grip handlebars. This ensures that no matter how short or tall you are this machine will deliver comfort and an effective workout.

Life Fitness began its history back in the 1960’s. It was at this time an inventor developed the life-cycle exercise bike, the first computerized fitness equipment. Seeing the promise of this modest invention two young entrepreneurs, Ray Wilson and Augie Nieto, bought the rights to the lifecycle bike and sold it on to health clubs across America.

Life Fitness believes the exercise bike could help people around the world live healthier happy lives. Along the way they shaped the future of Life Fitness as well as the fitness industry. Today sees more than 1700 people employed at manufacturing sites and international subsidiaries in more than 120 countries.

Life Fitness

Life Fitness X7
Life Fitness X7

Total body workout cross trainers hit the scene

It was in the 1990’s that saw the introduction of elliptical trainers and the Life Fitness Total Body Cross Trainer was quickly a number one best seller.

The exercise industry was soon to explode with new activities such as step aerobics, stair-climbing machines, elliptical cross-trainers, cross-country ski machines, aerobic riders and aquatic exercise and today sees the trend continuing with more advanced exercise equipment being introduced providing optimum training at home and in the gym.

With health clubs chains increasing in popularity Life Fitness was able to offer strength training equipment that helped bring cardiovascular training into the mainstream and provide effective and accurate training.

Cardiovascular products for commercial and home use

Life Fitness products are built to last and their product lines such as treadmills, elliptical cross-trainers, lifecycle exercise bikes and summit trainers represent the very best in high performance strength training equipment.

The Life Fitness brand is designed with long lasting durability and trusted by health club owners, personal trainers and fitness fans all over who can bring home that gym experience with a quality exercise machine.

Life Fitness Crosstrainers

More information about Life Fitness exercise equipment is available at these stockists: • John Lewis • Argos • GymCompany • PhD Fitness

Model Resistance Type Console Max user weight
X1 Basic Elliptical Trainer Eddy Current LCD Display 298lbs (21.3st)
X1 Advanced Elliptical Trainer Eddy Current LCD Display 298lbs (21.3st)
X3 Basic Elliptical Trainer Eddy Current LCD Display 298lbs (21.3st)
X3 Advanced Elliptical Trainer Eddy Current LCD Display 298lbs (21.3st)
X5 basic Elliptical Trainer Eddy Current LCD Display 298lbs (21.3st)
X5 Advanced Elliptical Trainer Eddy Current LCD Display 298lbs (21.3st)
X7 Basic Elliptical Trainer LCD Display 401lbs (28.6st)
X7 Advanced Elliptical Trainer LCD Display 399lbs (28.5st)
9500HR Rear Drive Elliptical Belt Drive LCD Display
CSX Club Series formerly X9i Alternate LCD Display 351lbs (25.1st)
95Xi Elliptical Trainer Integrated Console 353lbs (25.2st)
Classic Cross Trainer (formerly x9i) Integrated Console 353lbs (25.2st)
95Li Summit Trainer Integrated Console 397lbs (28.4st)
95Le Summit Trainer Integrated Console 397lbs (28.4st)
95X Inspire Cross Trainer Integrated Console 399lbs (28.5st)
X5i Elliptical Trainer MagnaForce Easy to use Console 348lbs (24.9st)


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