Rear or Front Wheel Drive Cross Trainer

Buying a Rear or Front Wheel Drive Cross Trainer The quality and build of both styles of cross trainer will determine how well they perform and how comfortable they are to use. For frequent use, it is best to invest in a robust high-quality model especially if you want a frequent use and heavy duty … Continued

Cross Trainers – Keep Fit Exercise Equipment

Cross trainers are ideal for Cardio Vascular workouts and when paired with a sensible and balanced diet you can shed those pesky pounds in no time at all. Elliptical workouts include both the upper and lower body in the workout meaning that you get an all-round full body workout. Another plus side about using a … Continued

Buying a Cross Trainer – How much to spend?

Buying a cross trainer for the first time takes a little thought and consideration. Apart from the usual dilemma of where to store it you also have to think about what you want from an exercise machine. Exercising at home can be fun and need not be an expensive business. Well-known brands are always going … Continued