Precor 524i Cross Trainer


Precor is part of Amer sports a leading global sports manufacturer of fitness equipment. They are involved in the development of technically advanced products for improving fitness performance. Precor’s products are at the high-end of the market for home and commercial use. These include Precor elliptical fitness cross trainers, treadmills, cycles, climbers, stretch trainers and strength training systems.

As a most respected brand in the fitness world Precor is committed in producing innovative products at a superior level. The Precor EFX 524i is a well constructed elliptical with quality components designed to give years of trouble free use even with rigorous daily workouts.

This model has a selection of workouts to keep the fitness routine varied and inspiring. There are 5 programmes and 20 resistance levels for toning the lower body muscles. You can track steps, time, distance, calories burnt and energy used enabling you to specially tailor exercises to your own level of fitness.

Space Saving Design

The space saving design of the EFX 524i takes up minimal floor space and is easy to move. Elliptical trainers with incline are making their mark in the fitness market these offer further resistance for even greater results. The EFX 524i includes an exclusive and electronically adjustable crossramp. This unique feature allows you to change the slope of the stride with a touch of a key to focus on various muscle groups.

Low Maintenance and Space Efficient

This low maintenance space efficient cross trainer for home use has an array of features these include handgrip sensors for heart rate monitoring, a touch sensitive console, ergonomic handlebars and crossramp.

The heart rate tracking and heart rate programmes of the Precor 534i are essential for monitoring the effectiveness of your training and allows you train more safely. To learn more about the Precor brand follow this link Precor Elliptical Trainers

Specifications of the Precor 524i Elliptical

Length: 80 in (203 cm)
Width: 32 in (81 cm)
Height: 61 in (155cm)
Weight: 207lbs (94kg)
Power: Self Powered
CrossRamp: 13-40 degrees (adjustable)
Stride length: 18in (46cm)
Frame: Powder-coated steel

Features of the Precor 524i Crosstrainer

Fixed arms
Adjustable CrossRamp
Self Powered
Touch Heart Rate
Wireless Heart Rate
5 Programs: Cross Training, Gluteals, Interval, Manual and Weight Loss
Display Readouts: Calories Calories per Minute CrossRamp® Incline, Heart Rate – muscles Targeted, Profile, Resistance levels, SmartRate, Strides per minute, Time, Total – strides.

Easy to Read Display

The single-button QuickStartTM feature gets you moving quickly, while the easy-to-read displays and graphics simplify tracking your progress. In addition the unique Cross Ramp gives the edge over other ellipticals allowing you to change the angle of your workout for optimum fitness training.

It’s important to select fitness equipment that most suits your requirements that’s why if you are serious about achieving optimum fitness results the Precor 524i is for you. It is worth paying the extra on models that offer more sophisticated console technology including heart rate monitoring.

The Precor 524i elliptical cross trainer can help you burn more calories in less time and offer total body conditioning. You can work the upper and lower body together or you can choose to focus on problem areas.

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