Marcy E8820P Pink Cross Trainer

Marcy is a brand name recognised for producing affordable home fitness equipment from multi-gums and cross trainers to benches and fitness balls and more. A European based company; Marcy have been supplying the fitness industry for years and produces quality products at prices you can afford. There are many brands including Marcy offering a wide choice of compact and commercial style ellipticals plus advice on the best cross trainer to get for home. So depending on your budget and brand preference buying an elliptical has never been easier.

Marcy Onyx 6070Rw Hydro Rower
Marcy Onyx 6070Rw Hydro Rower


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New Ladies pink elliptical cross trainer

For ladies looking to get back into shape or just maintain their healthy fitness regime the popular cross trainer is the answer. It may not always be convenient to visit the gym and membership fees can be costly so what better way than investing in a home elliptical cross trainer like the new Marcy E8820P.

For those looking to buy a cheap elliptical cross trainer for home use the Marcy E8820P is a good choice at around £200. There has been no compromise on quality features or style with this compact machine. It has an attractive pink frame that will easily blend in with the home decor too.

As with most elliptical cross trainers the handlebars are designed to move simultaneously with the pedals. This dual action provides you with a complete training session working the upper and lower body at the same time.

Large LCD display

The E8820 is a small dual action elliptical cross trainer that is perfect for the ladies. It has a stunning pink finish and quiet operation making it ideal for use in the bedroom. There are 8 varying levels of magnetic resistance and the 6kg aluminium flywheel offers a smooth and fluid motion plus it has dual soft touch  hand grips with pulse sensors.

To get the most out of your fitness session there is a large LCD display that shows speed, time, distance, calories and pulse so you can monitor your progress. T learn more about the Marcy brand follow this link Marcy Elliptical Trainers

Key features and Specifications of the E8820P:

  • Compact dual action elliptical
  • Magnetic resistance with 8 varying levelsmarcy-e8820p
  • 6kg aluminium flywheel
  • Soft touch dual hand grip pulse sensors
  • Auto power on/off feature to conserve energy
  • Large LCD display monitors, Speed, Time, Distance, Calories and Pulse.
  • Ultra quiet action
  • Weight: 35.00Kg
  • Max Cap: 120.00Kg
  • Height: 154cm
  • Width: 45cm
  • Depth: 114cm
  • Home assembly required
  • Maximum user body weight 114kg (18st)

Low impact exercise machines like the Marcy E8820P are a fun way to keep fit at home. The benefits of having a machine to workout indoors are many and you can even watch your favourite TV programme or listen to music while you exercise.

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